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A photo gallery is simply a collection of photos.

SimpleUpdates has created a simple way for you to display photos in your choice of three different formats. A single Gallery can be displayed in several places on your website and each display can be in a different format.

As with all collections, both the pre-designed and custom collections, this is a two part process.

  1. There is the Collection (Admin) side of Galleries where the images are collected and stored. This is where you can add, delete, rearrange and caption the images.
  2. And there is the Display side where you can share your Galleries with the public on a webpage.

This page describes Admin side of the Galleries. If you have completed this part and want to display the Galleries please visit Adding a Gallery.



  1. Click the Gallery Icon on the black Admin bar to the left of the page. Note that you may have many different Galleries. 
  2. Click the blue [Add Gallery] button top right to create a new Gallery OR
  3. Click the [Edit] button to the right of an existing Gallery to which you wish to make changes.
  4. Each Gallery must have a unique title. Add this in the Title field.

There are several ways to add images.

  • You may click the Upload Image space and follow the instructions to upload images one at a time. 
  • You may drag and drop images one at a time
  • You may select a group of images from your computer and drag them all at once.

Once uploaded

  • Each image has an option for a caption.
  • Each image has a focal point. The focal point is a small white circle that designates the display center of the image. You may move this focal point to reset the part of the image you prefer to be in the middle of the display. Note: the system will come as close as it can to honoring your focal point placement. However, if it is too close to an edge, it will adjust the display to cover the space allowed for that image.
  • You may click and drag to rearrange the images.
  • The small gray 'x' at the top right of each image will delete that image.

Save your Gallery

Whether you've created a new Gallery or edited an existing one, you will want to click the [Save] button on the lower left of the screen to save your work.

Note: the [close] button will close the Gallery without saving.



A Gallery of a few images that are of high quality and meaningful content is better than a Gallery of many candid shot images.


Adding a Gallery to a Page


Editing a Gallery