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Thank you for being a SimpleUpdates customer! Whether you are a new webmaster or an ole pro wanting to brush up on how a feature of your website works, you are in the right place.

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Tech Support When You Need It

We are working to create a support site that will answer most of your questions. At the time of this writing we are aware there are many blank pages, but we are committed to filling them in with useful information.

When you need assistance, we want this Support site to be your first go to! It is free to use and if you let us know you are looking for information on a specific topic and can't find it, we will fill in that blank and send you the link.

There is a ticket system where you can send us a message with your specific question. We will do our best to get back to you within one business day.

Should you need to talk to a person you can count on talking to a real person. We are a USA company, and we answer the phone (269.473.3687) right from our office in Berrien Springs, Michigan!

SimpleUpdates stands by our Website platform. If your reason for contacting SimpleUpdates is due to a glitch in our website software, we will fix it ASAP at no charge.

If your reason for contacting SimpleUpdates is a need for training, webmaster assistance, custom coding or help to fix a mistake you made. The time needed to resolve your concern will be billed. 

We have prepaid support packages that provide a significant hourly discount. These are particularly helpful for larger projects.

We also offer retainer support, where you can pay a fixed fee, send us edits for your website, and we will do the updating work for you. See our pricing plans for more information.