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Setup email forwarding or an email box


Q: How do I setup email forwarding or an email box through the SimpleUpdates email service?

A: SimpleUpdates offers with all accounts one free email forward. This would allow your email forms from the website to be delivered to any email address you prefer. A site can subscribe to additional forwards or email boxes for a small annual fee for each box.

  • email forwards: $0.50 each/month (billed annually)
  • imap email boxes: $1.00 each/month (billed annually)

Getting Started

To get started, please contact us, asking for email forwards or email boxes, and mention if you have a package plan that would include this service, or if you will be paying for the email service up front for the year. 

DNS Changes

cname   mail      mail.<>
mx           @         mx.<>

User login to Webmail

visit: mail.<>
with your email user name and password.

Configure your email program (see Email Client Configuration in the resource links below)

email server: mail.<>
user: <user> as delivered from SimpleUpdates support
password: <password> as delivered from SimpleUpdates support