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Questions from Designers


Q: How do I access the HTML and CSS for my Theme?

A: Please follow the steps below

  • Starting on the black, left side panel, click 'Themes' (or the paintbrush icon).
  • Under the 'Preview and Customize' button is a text link - "Advanced HTML Editor" - click this text link
  • On the left you will see a list of files that contain the HTML, Twig, and CSS instructions for your layout. Click the one you want to affect and make your edits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no history for these files. Changes you make are permanent. It is a good idea to save a copy of the original - just in case. 


Q: How do I add a style block such as for full justified paragraph text?

A: In general, full justification is not best practice, so we did not include a button for this in our tool bar. If there is a specific need, you can put this in your style sheet to create a block style that will allow you to apply that style to text. To add a style to the editor:

1. Edit Global.less, and in the .su_bootstrap_safe container, add: 

.justify {
    text-align: justify;
    display: block;

2. Edit theme.conf and find the "editor" section. Replace with:

"editor": {
        "styles": [


Q: How do I remove the current page listing from Breadcrumbs/History on each page?

A: In the global.less file (see accessing CSS instructions above), paste the following code at the bottom of the file.

.[breadcrumbs class]:last {
    display: none;


Q: Are there any additional help documents for designers to customize a theme?

A: Yes! We have produced two documents that will be geeky and yet helpful to a designer who wants to play in the Advanced HTML editor of themes.
1) SimpleUpdates 2017 Variables List
2) SimpleUpdates 2017 System Layouts
3) The SimpleUpdates Twig documentation